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20 Jul 2011
New music project from Alex called "Iylland". It's funky, instrumental electronica
music made with hands. Check out the Facebook page HERE

19 Jun 2011
Showtime is airing Across The Line: The Exodus Of Charlie Wright,
which features our song "Why Do I Fear?". Full Schedule HERE

06 Mar 2011
"Sanity Overture" from the Frequency's "Morning To 3AM" EP
can now be purchased as a $0.99 HQ Digital Download HERE

07 Jan 2011
Listen to "Why Do I Fear?" on youtube HERE

05 Jan 2011
"Why Do I Fear?" from the movie: "Across The Line: The Exodus Of Charlie Wright"
can now be purchased as a $0.99 HQ Digital Download HERE

07 Dec 2010
The Frequency's song "Why Do I Fear?" is featured in a new movie: "Across The Line: The
Exodus Of Charlie Wright" starring Andy Garcia, Aidan Quinn, & Gina Gershon. The song
plays in its entirety at the end and into the final credits. More info HERE

10 June 2010
The Frequency is playing Quebec City International Summer Festival
w/ Thievery Corporation and Dengue Fever July 15th: INFO

21 May 2010
Full album review and download today at: Les Enfants Terribles

11 May 2010
2 free downloads and feature today at: Part-Time Music

09 May 2010
Review of our show in San Francisco and free "Love Is One" download: Kata Rokkar

24 April 2010
Austin Psych Fest feature @ Austin Bloggy Limits

19 April 2010
Feature and download @ welikeit. indie

16 April 2010
2 free song download at Austin's: Retroglo

14 April 2010
3 song download at: Shoegazer Alive

14 April 2010
Playing Austin Psych 3 next week!

07 April 2010
We're up on Clumsy & Shy's Austin Psych Fest Sampler.
They pick and find great new free music just for you.

02 April 2010
Our ancient cover of Talking Heads "Psycho Killer" was found by someone and used
in this spec American Apparel ad (youtube link)

31 March 2010
Show announcement - show April 29th at The Independent, San Francisco

30 March 2010
Featured stories on NOISETAP and Indie Music Finds

29 March 2010
Austin Blog Covert Curiosity story!

26 March 2010
Austin Psych Fest Line Announced Today! click

21 March 2010
Dead Cool Live show pick click

19 March 2010
Blog: The Frequency New Era Of The Rock (a short essay on being in a band) here

04 March 2010
NME offering 2 FREE downloads from the new album "Absence of Giants" CLICK HERE!

03 March 2010
Show announcement - FREE show March 22nd at The Echo!

29 January 2010
Get a sneak preview of new tracks, outakes, studio vids, leave comments, etc
at our new "absence of giants" blog site!!

21 January 2010
Putting the finishing touches on our full length 2010 lp "Absence Of Giants."
....listen to 2 new myspace tracks HERE

15 January 2010

13 January 2010
Sanity Overture featured in an episode of BBC's "Being Human"

11 January 2010
2 new songs posted on Myspace!

07 December 2009
Watch live video of "Ego Is The Drug/3am" in its entirety HERE

02 December 2009
Download "Jim Gordon Part II" (featured in the Blackberry ad) for $0.99 HERE

22 October 2009
Ego Is The Drug/3am is a FREE!!! download this week at HERE! go get!

21 October 2009
Last minute L.A. show added @ The Roxy, w Midnight Juggernauts (monday, Oct 26)!!!

19 October 2009
was looking for this moog setting forever....

the frequency pics

15 October 2009
New video for Ego Is The Drug/3am!! (youtube link)

6 October 2009
EP now on ITUNES for $3.99!!

15 June 2009
Q Magazine Review....

the frequency pics

29 September 2009
Click HERE for The Frequency Press page

28 September 2009
T-shirts, CDs, 180Gram Vinyl now available at our Store

28 September 2009
from the mint show.....
the frequency pics

16 September 2009
The Frequency's Morning To 3am EP gets "album of the week" on DMC Update

15 July 2009
NME Review

the frequency pics

22 June 2009
The Frequency on Twitter

15 June 2009
some studio pics.....
the frequency pics

the frequency pics

the frequency pics

the frequency pics

02 June 2009
Frequency to play The Echo, Los Angeles June 28th

02 June 2009
New Summer 2009 EP Release "Morning To 3 a.m."

15 April 2009
New "Sanity Overture" video from our upcoming

23 March 2009
Frequency mastering a new EP release at Abbey Road Studios, London

21 March 2009
New video for Frequency's "En Film"

25 February 2009
"Stars" from the Lionsgate film "The Eye" w/ Jessica Alba available as a download

the frequency pics

02 February 2009
Frequency sign publishing deal with Chrysalis Music

28 January 2009
Frequency Live In Quebec 07.08.08 posted in its entirety on You Tube

02 January 2009
Frequency currently in studio recording several new tracks

15 November 2008
Filmmaker Amelia Bryne makes a Frequency Video!